Monday, July 25, 2011

Be Still My Beating Heart


Yes, folks, the moment I've been waiting for (for a long, long, LONG time) is finally here. As of July 27, Colorado will have its very own IKEA. Someone pinch me, I know I must be dreaming! Do you even know how many hours I've spent looking on their website, poring over their paper catalog, even driving out of state to visit? Most of you don't know, but trust me, it's more than is healthy.

It will be located in Lone Tree (or Centennial, depending on who you ask), a suburb at the very southern end of Denver, which also happens to house one of my favorite malls in Denver. And it's only 45 minutes away! I could even drive up after work if I had the sudden need urge to!

Turns out, it will be the second largest IKEA in the country; Chicago has the largest. And, it will be the first one in the US to utilize geothermal heating and cooling and one of only six stores to use solar energy.

People can begin camping at the entrance today (maybe I thought about doing it, maybe I didn't). Our 12th anniversary is the day after the grand opening, so I decided it was probably better to take off for that instead. :-) But you can be sure I'll be up there the weekend after! I don't care how long a line I have to stand in, I'll be happy just to be breathing the Swedish-tinged air.


Amanda Lamb said...

Hey!!! Imagine my surprise when I saw your posts show up in my google feed that I'm so incredibly behind on...after I had just been wondering how you were the other day!!! YAY! Your sidewalk looks fabulous. I hope you're great! Our house is on the market and Breckin is 2...where has the time gone?!

Christina Farley said...

IKEA is a great store isn't it? And I love that picture on your header. WOW!

kristine said...

You are hillarious Jen!! I love it! I am all smiles over here since I know you have been patiently waiting for this very moment.. Camping out wouldn't have been that bad.. then again you are a lady of restraint and can gracefully walk throught the doors and then go crazy!! Ahhh! I am so happy for you.. I need to hear the details, when you arrived, what you purchased and what was your first meal? The meatballs? I hope so!

Christina Farley said...

You won a book on my blog!